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Solder bar



Item Specification
Lead-free SC07
Sn-Bi low temperature
High temperature,anti-oxidation
Any alloy available
For wave-soldering,dip soldering

Code Alloy melting temperature(℃) Product feature, purpose and precautions
Solidus Liquidus
HG-100 Sn99.9 232 232  •The pure tin is with no slag, but high average composition;
 •Good oxidation resistance, with a significant reduction in solder oxidation waste;
 •Good wettability, diffuse flow and ability to fill welds;
 •Bright, round and beautiful solder joints;
 •Suitable for modern dip, trailing and wave soldering applications.
 1、When using it, select the appropriate flux with the corresponding solder;
 2、It is suggested that the welding temperature should be controlled above 40℃~60℃ of the liquidus;
 3、When mixed with other solders, it may reduce its performance.
HG-102 SnCu0.7 227 227
HG-103 SnCu0.7(高溫) 227 227
HG-301 SnAg3Cu0.5 217 218
HG-303 SnAg0.3Cu0.7 217 223
All specification can be customized

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