R&D Base

GAP cultivation base

The cultivation base for   Liquid Ganoderma series products is ideally situated on the north slope of Mt.Changbai at 42° northern latitude, its area reaches tens of thousands of acres, owning the world's largest Ganoderma lucidum strains incubators, adopting domestic advanced aseptic inoculation, setting up the institute of Ganoderma lucidum with Chinese Academy of Science and domestic top universities, in possession of experts and professionals more than 100 people.



Medium for   “Liquid Ganoderma 

The culture medium for ” Liquid Ganoderma series products is the wild oak in Mt. Changbai without any pesticide residues,in favor of the accumulation of active ingredients of the Ganoderma, thus guarantees the efficacy of ” Liquid Ganoderma” from the origin.

Water for “Liquid Ganoderma 

 All water used in Ganoderma planting, stirring materials, cultivating, watering, extracting and producing is obtained from groundwater that circulates deep under the Mt. Changbai , with metasilicic acid content of 50mg/L, in accordance with national water standard for medical use, therefore the Ganoderma grows by absorbing the mineral water that contained rich metastasis acid will be more magical.

The Extraction Process

The cultivation base monitors ganodermas 24 hours per day to ensure they are picked off at their prime stage of life when in their nutritional value peaks (right before spore dispersal). The base adopts the world class extraction procedure to withdraw the nutrient contents to reserve the most abundant and complete Ganoderma essence.

 Quality Control System of Production
The whole production process is in line with the requirements of ISO9001:2000 and embedded in the ERP management system.


The Unique Technology of “Liquid Ganoderma”

Ganoderma’s amazing effects had been well known since two thousand years ago, but Ganoderma haven’t been popularized. The reason of that is Ganoderma was taken in a traditional way and couldn’t yield its great effects for the low absorptivity. According to the secret recipe of traditional Chinese medicine combined with modern science and technology, the scientific research personnel from Esylife have successfully developed the “ liquid Ganoderma” series products which contains 90% effective constituents of Ganoderma, filling the domestic blank of research and development for Ganoderma.


The Base Address:
W. Binghe Rd, N.Shanghai Rd, Jiaohe, Jilin Province
S. No.23 Industrial Avenue, Xiaolan, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province