Member of Health 

Product Association


Standing Council



2nd Council--

Member Unit


2nd Council--Standing 

Council Unit


2010 Most Competitive Brand

Enterprise of GD Prov.


2010 GD Prov.Top Ten Most

Popular Healthcare Brand


Health Industry Credible

Brand & Honest Enterprise


Health Industry Enterprise

of Flagship Service


Exemplary Base of Health 

Industry & Healthcare Products


2010 Enterprise of Observing

Contract & Valuing Credit

  2011 Enterprise of Observing

Contract & Valuing Credit


2012 Enterprise of Observing

Contract & Valuing Credit

   Enterprise of Observing

Contract & Valuing Credit

for 3 consecutive years 


Health & Beauty Career Prize 

for Ms Liu Zhiyan

  Designated Present for 1st

GD Prov. Miss Peace Finals