The Essence of Esylife – Cultivation, Dedication, Transmission, Retribution
    After more than 20 years’ experience, toughening and persistence, Esylife gained great reputation and was recognized by the mass market. ‘Cultivate first-class ganoderma, Present superb natural treasure, Relay love and care, Retribute public trust’ is the ongoing mission of Esylife. Esylife has being dedicated to improving the nation’s health condition and spreading the Chinese traditional culture as well as loving others as yourself, popularizing Ganoderma, sowing health, developing enterprise and benefiting society since the day it was founded.

Science and technology constitute a productive force whereas quality is life force
    Our Changbai Mountain Ganoderma series products adopt the top grade Changbai wild Ganoderma as strain that was fed with all natural spring water deep under the ground at perennial xylosma breeding base. Esylife has established the biggest Ganoderma cativation base in Changbai national nature preserve zone with bionics wild cultivation technique and the most advanced Ganoderma extraction processing technic. With all the factors gathered, the quality and efficiency of our Changbai Mountain Ganoderma series products are guaranteed.
    Science and technology constitute the productive force while quality is life force to Esylife. Our headquarter has established high-tech based Ganoderma research center, Ganoderma exhibition hall and modern all-weather Ganoderma breeding demonstration base. Ganoderma is under industrial production with top priority to quality. Esylife is devoted to bringing Ganoderma to all the people.