Esylife (Ganoderma Family) International Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech business entity that integrates scientific research, bio pharmaceuticals, edible fungi R&D and Ganoderma production and deep processing. By the end of 2014, the company's accrued investment reached CNY one billion, operating the largest Ganoderma breeding-base and imitating wild cultivation base in China, 2 Ganoderma deep processing factories, 12 branches and one Ganoderma Research Institute. Cooperating with Chinese Academy of Sciences and several research and development institutions, the company established postdoctoral work station and Ganoderma production-teaching research base. The starting of the Mt.Changbai production base will be the most advanced and largest Ganoderma breeding, cultivation and deep processing base all over the world.
    For the past 25 years, Esylife has concentrated on the cultivation of Ganodera imitating wild environment, research and development of Ganoderma and has acquired several national invention patents and has filled the domestic blank of research and development for Ganoderma.  The Ganoderma cultivated in Mt. Changbai is recognized by our country as “Geographical and Iconic Product ofGanoderma”. The company won the prize of “Enterprise of Observing Contract & Valuing Credit” and “Scientific Demonstration Base of Ganoderma” for seven consecutive years.

With the integration of Chinese medicinal secret prescription and modern technology, the company innovated a series of Ganoderma-based liquid products and initiated a new way to use Ganoderma properly. Its products sell well home and abroad. And the company takes the responsibility of improving the immunity and eliminating sub-health as his own. Leveraged on its competitive advantage on Ganoderma businesses, the company is now aiming to become the world’s flagship of Ganoderma industry, embarking on a journey to an Esylife Kingdom of Ganoderma and achieve the idea that Ganoderma liquid is easily accessible as water for our Chinese.