Who we are looking for.

Esylife believes that employees are our most valuable assets, forming the core competency of the company. The company’s performance relies on each individual employee. Therefore, Esylife looks particularly into the four aspects of prospective candidate:

1.Integrity. Esylife aspires to bring health and happiness to our customers. An honest public image is vital to the company’s current and future development. We believe that only candidates with a high moral standard of conduct can make quality assurance to our products. 

2.Expertise. Esylife looks for those whose academic background and working experience matches the position in concern. 

3.Competent attributes. Esylife examines its candidates on their learning, innovative and executive ability. Ideal candidates should display the attitude of continuous learning, the courage to innovate, the appetite for efficient execution, a sense of responsibility and the ability of teamwork and open communication. 
4.Aligning with Esylife’s core value. We believe that a shared value is the foundation of lasting cooperation. Esylife wants all members to “respect everyone and enjoy every day”. We would like to see all our stakeholders - stockholders, managers, employees, upstream and downstream partners, as well as our neighborhood- feel being respected and enjoy their work and life alike.