Ganoderma essences with high degree of purity crush into ingredients of excellent firming effects, providing a quick replenishment of collagen and elastin to the skin and a sustained boost of collagen synthesis while tightening the slack network of elastic fibers, all of which give the user a firm contouring and smooth, elastic skin around the facial region.


Increase elasticity, offer you a firm contouring

Helps to nourish your skin cells, tighten pores for elastic skin, against dry & slack skin, reduce wrinkles, and fade dull and yellowish tone.


24 hours nourishing, fade fine lines
Ganoderma Moisturizing & Anti-aging Elastin with Ganoderma extracts helps intensive repair skin structure, enhance the connection between elastic fibers, increase collagen quantities, elasticity and firmness, against slack skin and wrinkles.

Moisturizing & softening for a whole day 
Various essences nourish skin from inside out, effectively prevent dry & rough skin, reduce and fade new wrinkles, bring back your youthful radiance. After using it, you will feel your skin refresh, soft, tender, firm and elastic. Our elastin helps you smoother appearance and brings back your youthful glow.


Every morning and evening, apply some elastin to the face with massage softly to make the skin absorb. 


Moisturized recipe, suitable for normal & dry skin in any season.


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