Ganoderma Oral Rinse can be used to: kill bad breath; strengthen enamel; fight cavity; remove surface stains; ease gingivitis, oral ulcer and sore throat. It provides great daily care to your teeth.

Herbal medicinal ingredients helps to keep fresh breath for the whole day.
Mild, safe and effective.No alcohol, artificial flavors.

【Kill 99.9% Germs in 30 Seconds】

Kills germs hide deep in the mouth that mouth brush cannot go.
Effectively reduces up to 56% of chances of catching plaque and gingivitis.
Kills up to 90% germs that cause bad breath.
Easy to use. Clean your mouth in just 30 second with 12 hours’ care.
Use every day to prevent surface stains and freshens breath.

There are still 75% of the mouth left un-cleaned every time after gargle, which can lead to oral problems like bad breath, sore gums, periodontitis and cavities, etc. That is because the protein in the mouth turned into a very light layer that is easily clung to food debris and bacteria attached to the teeth, gingiva and tongue. If left un-cleaned for a certain time, the germs will bring all kinds of oral problems.

【30 Seconds to Kill Oral Germs】

You may think every day gargling will keep you away from oral problems. That’s far from enough. Day to day gargle can only keep the surface of the teeth clean whereas the gap between teeth, the molar and the tongue are left with germs. But our oral rinse can effectively kill all germs in the mouth and prevents you from all kinds of oral problems.

【The Dirt is Reactant of Saliva and Mouthwash?】
1. If it’s reactant, there will be the same amount of dirt every time after rinse. But the dirt is actually reducing.
2. Saliva provides protection to our oral health. But there are more than 5000 kinds of germs in the mouth which cause various oral problems. If you have a healthy oral condition, there will be no dirt in the mouthwash. 


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